Yes! You can help me. If you feel like it, of course : )

In general, I try to spend the night at peoples homes. I use the website (username MEES) to search for people who are willing to host me for one or two nights. Sometimes I camp and now and then I take a bed in a hostel. This is often boring, because nowadays people in hostels tend to be married to their iPads, instead of talking to each other. Grmpf. OK, I admit, sometimes it is nice to have a proper, warm and clean hotel bed. Though, real people to talk to is always +1. So if you know anyone in Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Rep, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Italy, South of France, North of Spain& Portugal and you think they might be willing to host me for one or two nights in return for a nice meal or some real Dutch stroopwafels: please let me know at!

My trip is not (only) about visiting the most beautiful castles, waterfalls, churches or breweries: it is about meeting people. So again, if you know about people in (any of the countries mentioned above) who would like to share their story about life in general, growing older or anything else: contact me!

If you have information about companies, projects, TV-shows, newspaper articles, or anything you think it may interest me… again:

Eternal gratitude and a personal update will come your way : )

Thanks a lot! Mees


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