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Silence, meditation and spring

I finished my Vipassana meditation course on the 27th of April. 10 Days of learning one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation.

The silence was easy. Quite nice, even. Keeping my mouth shut for 9 days -the 10th day is for noble speaking- appeared to be a piece of cake. Sitting cross legged for 10 hours a day, 10 days in a row: somehow quite doable. Waking up at 4: pretty easy. Not eating anything but a banana after noon: no worries. In fact, the whole Vipassana code of discipline felt really friendly while keeping to it.

Meditating for 10 hours a day was a whooole other story, for me though. It was really hard work. It was tough. It was frustrating, and constantly turning frustration into acceptance was tough too. It was trying over and over again to be kind to myself, and to get back to work. It was telling my head every single minute NOT to wander away, while it was already halfway to lostinspace. It was not opening my eyes to see who in the room was having trouble concentrating too. It was definitely not starting to conduct Mozart in silence at 2.45 pm on day 8 because I was a bit bored. It was trying not to be bored at all, because boredom is no neighbor to focus and concentration.

Was it worth it? Yes it was, it definitely was. I watched the Swedish spring burst into a big bang of green and light and chattering lovebirds, like I’d never seen spring before. I practiced my skills to focus and self-concentrate. I learned a proper meditation technique I can turn to at any time. I enjoyed all thoughts that passed during these 10 silent days, for 99% were great ones about (un)important things in life. I enjoyed the silent company of some really nice co-meditators, like Elena, who sat next to me on the bench in the forest every day at 5.15 pm, and Sanneke from Oslo meets Geldrop, and Miia, who I will visit in Helsinki next week.

If you are interested, read the Vipassana website carefully and try it yourself. What doesn’t kill you… ; )


A view with a room

A view with a room @ Kullerbacka








(ps., Still on holiday in Sweden, now at the delightful Kullerbacka Gästhus owned by my uncle and aunt. I cleaned windows, help to set out hiking routes, enjoy the dinner discussions, things like that. I’ve told myself I have to leave Sweden, though I don’t really want to. So Finland on Friday, looking forward to the 10 hour boat trip over the Baltic sea.)

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